Male Cat Behavior

photo of 2 tom cats showing male cat behavior

Un-neutered tom cats often display aggressive male cat behavior. This is usually mainly directed towards other un-neutered males, although some will also try to attack anyone - or anything - that invades their territory.

I'd strongly recommend getting your male cat neutered - if you don't, the vast majority of his actions will be steered by his sex drive.

There are a number of marked differences in male cat behavior before and after neutering. Neutered male cats make much better pets, for several reasons:

1) They spray less:

Un-neutered tom cats spray to mark their territory. It's like their calling card. They won't just restrict spraying to outside either - there's a good chance they'll do it in the house. Neutering greatly reduces cat spraying.

2) They fight less:

big black n white cat

Because they're no longer competing for a 5 minute stand with all the divas in the hood, un-neutered males are much less inclined to fight with each other. So, they are safer when they go out and no longer limp home looking like they've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. They don't keep you awake half the night with cat hissing, yowling and sreeching noises. And you save on vet's bills because they're not getting war wounds which require expensive medical treatment.

3) They are less at risk of catching dangerous diseases:

Two very nasty cat viruses are cat leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. There is no cure for either of these. Both are spread through body fluids. The most common way that cats get these is through fighting. Not surprisingly, un-neutered male cats are the most at risk.

4) They wander less:

An un-neutered tom cat may wander for miles in the hope of getting lucky. The further he wanders, the more at risk he is of getting lost, killed etc. Neutering greatly reduces his wanderlust, so he'll stay much more local and therefore be safer.

5) Their urine doesn't smell as bad:

Un-neutered cat urine absolutely stinks. Neutering your cat will greatly reduce the smell. Need I say more?

Neutered male cats usually make lovely pets. They are much less likely to display the male cat behavior problems seen in un-neutered cats. Your vet will advise you on the best age to get your kitten neutered.

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