Male Kitten Names - Skittles

by Tessa J
(Kentucky, United States)

I first named my male kitten "Kimberly" not knowing he was a male kitten! I was at my aunt's house, showing off my new tuxedo kitten, and my mother pointed out that he wasn't a girl.

My cousin and I had been throwing skittles back and forth debating what new name I should give my kitten since Kimberly obviously didn't suit him. All the skittles we dropped on the floor, my tiny tuxedo kitten would chase after and pat around the floor. He loved the fallen candy and we all had a good laugh watching him play.

My cousin and I found this completely adorable, and I decided to name him Skittles, after his first "toy".

Reply from Liz (Editor): That's a lovely name, and a great way of choosing it (or did Skittles choose it for himself? :-)

Naming male kittens with female kitten names because the sex of the kitten is mistaken is more common than people realise... This page on how to determine kitten gender will help anyone who's struggling.

Many thanks for sharing your story.

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Our female turned out to be a male!
by: Catsitter01

A young white kitten with a mink color tail and behind adopted us from outdoors a few years ago after being injured. We named her Bernadette. About 1 month later we found out she was a he and now Bernie has been with us 10 years and is a happy boy. His behind was so dark chocolate we couldn't tell! Oops

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