The Manx Cat

Are you interested in the Manx cat? This page gives you the key facts about the breed.

picture of white and ginger manx cat

Before we get into details, here's a quick summary:

Personality: Calm, love people, friendly, easy-going

Suits: Families, first time cat owners, singles

Other: Love climbing, very fast, good with other pets

Breed Information

1) What are they like as pets?

These cats make lovely pets. Their easy-going, calm nature means they are fine with children and other pets. They often develop a particular attachment to one person in the family, and will follow their chosen best pal round like a shadow!

They are very fast and have a tendency to tear round like a whirlwind when they play! Also, they like to climb up onto high surfaces, so you'll often find them sitting on top of cupboards or even balanced on top of open doors.

They don't adapt well to house moves, so if you tend to move around a lot this won't be the best breed for you.

They are usually hardy and healthy.

2) Looks, build, colors and markings

Manx cats have short, stocky bodies, stocky, sturdy legs, big round heads, big eyes and a short neck. Contrary to popular belief, not all Manx cats are tail-less. Some have no tail, some have a stumpy tail and some even have a full length tail. The length (or lack) of a tail is determined by genetics.

These cats come in short and longhaired varieties. The longhaired variety needs grooming several times a week. They come in nearly every coat color and pattern variety. Some of the more common varieties include solid, two colors and tabby.

The breed is medium-sized. Adult females weigh about 8 - 10lbs, and males 10 - 12lbs.

3) History

The Manx is one of the oldest cat breeds. No-one is sure where it originated, although the most popular theory is that it originated a few hundred years ago on the Isle of Man, off the West coast of England. One of the more colorful theories for its origination is that when it was entering Noah's Ark, he accidentally slammed the door on its tail!

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