Mean Kitty

by Kim
(Hemet Ca)

We've had our cat since he was 5 days old. He was bottle fed and loved always, no cat problems until recently. He is neutered. In the last week he has been hissing at us and attacking our legs, as well as biting and scratching (though he's not drawn blood).

We had company this week which he never likes but they're gone now and he still isn't happy. He is 1 yr. old now. he is usually very loving and only "play attacks" us. But he's not playing right now! Thanks, Kim

Reply from Liz (Editor): If a cat suddenly and inexplicably becomes aggressive, it may be worth getting a check-up from the vet just to make sure there's nothing physically wrong that could be causing this.

However, from what you've said, it sounds like your kitty could be mad at you because he doesn't like visitors staying! Is his reaction always so extreme? Was there one visitor he took a particular dislike to? Did he have any bad experiences while they were staying? Answering these questions will give you a better idea of whether it is just a reaction to the visitors or whether it's something else.

If it is just a behavioral problem, as opposed to a physical one, you need to let him know this behavior won't be tolerated. To do this, when he attacks you, say "No" firmly. If this doesn't work, then scruff him; this isn't as bad as it sounds, it's the way mother cats discipline kittens and it's very effective. Advice on how to do this can be found on the following page:

Cat Problems - Our Kitten Keeps Attacking Us!

Best of luck and thank you for your question.

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