My Cat Doesn't Like Change And Is Taking It Out On Everyone By Peeing

by Nicolette
(Canada BC Kelowna)

I have a Bengal cross Siamese cat, he's a beautiful cat and is incredibly smart, but we have major problems with him at the moment. He's rather aggressive towards my husband, he hisses and growls at him for no reason and yet on other days he'll jump up next to him and cuddle up to him.

We planned having a family and once I got pregnant my cat started getting more aggressive. I ended up having an emergency c-section and was in the hospital for three days of which everyday my husband complained about the cat getting worse. When I came home (without our son because he was a premie and was still in the hospital) everything changed with that cat. I've told him off the couch and he's ran to my computer chair, jumped on it and peed, he's been peeing all over the place now that he's upset all the time. He even growls at me now.

I'm bringing my son home soon and I won't be choosing between him and my cat, my cat will be out the door but I don't want to make that decision. I'm trying to pay him attention but its been hard... spraying him doesn't help, rubbing his face in it and dropping him in the cat box doesn't help. What can I do!?

Reply from Liz (Editor): I'm sorry you're having these cat problems, it's obviously the last thing you need with everything else you have going on at the moment. Hopefully I can help.

I'm not surprised your cat is very smart being a Siamese / Bengal cross. You are obviously his favorite human.

In my experience, smart cats are incredibly good at picking up on human emotions and changes - particularly humans that they've got a strong bond with. I'm pretty sure your cat has picked up on the fact you've been pregnant, and the understandable stress both you and your husband must have gone through with the emergency c-section, your premature baby - and your cat's behavior. I honestly think your cat is upset and stressed due to this, which is why he's started to behave in this way.

To deal with this, you can try a Feliway diffuser or Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, both of which are available from good pet stores and have a calming effect on some cats. It may also be worth speaking to your vet, to see if they think putting him on some tranquilizer / sedative-type tablets may be a short-term solution to get him over the worst of this. Lots of fuss and positive attention when he's behaving himself and being nice will also help a great deal.

The section on the website covering litter box problems should help you - there's lots of advice on how to deal with this and get a cat using a litter box again.

I wish you the best of luck with this. Thank you for your question.

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