My Cat is Hiding Under the Bed and Keeps Meowing Weird. What's Wrong with Her?

by Ashlynn Dawn
(Henderson, NV, United States)

me and my cat: Minney Mouse

me and my cat: Minney Mouse

My cat is an inside house cat. She is probably around 11 years old (when we got her they didn't know how old she was).

The other day I came to my father's house to find my cat hiding from me under the bed. I found this strange because she usually comes to the front door to greet me. Then, today, I heard her meowing funny. It wasn't her usual meow for attention. It was deeper and a little strained. I don't know how to quite explain it. I rushed off my bed and to go find her and she looked fine. Then, I went back to my room. She followed me but instead of doing the usual jump on my bed and fall asleep next to me, she went under the bed again.

She is an inside cat, so there is no way she is pregnant.

I am scared. This cat has been with me for as long as I can remember. Please help me!

Reply from Liz (Editor): I'm sorry to hear you're having problems, I know how scary it is when you think there's something wrong with a pet that you have had for years and you love to pieces.

Apart from the strange meowing and hiding under the bed, is there anything else amiss? Is she eating and drinking OK? Peeing and pooping OK? Using her litter box? Acting strange in any other way? Is she as lively and alert as she normally is? Has anything happened recently that could have upset her?

I think it would be worth getting her checked over by a vet if this behavior continues and you continue to be worried about her. If she's ill, this may be the cause of her unusual behavior, and if this is the case, the sooner the illness gets diagnosed and treated, the better.

Best of luck - I really hope she's OK.

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