My Cats Keep Hissing at One Another, How do I Stop It?

by Alana
(United States)

This is Blueberry and Pancake Together

This is Blueberry and Pancake Together

My cat problems started when I just got a new cat a couple of days ago. I already have two other cats, an 18 month old tabby female named Pancake, and a male named Blueberry. He's about 8 months old.

The cat that I got a couple of days ago is a male all solid black, lean, skinny cat named Oreo. The problem is that whenever Pancake and Oreo see sight of each other, Oreo (the new cat, male) hisses at Pancake (oldest cat, female), but not too much... Now here is where the big situation starts! Whenever Blueberry (middle cat, male) hears or has sight of Oreo, he hisses like crazy!

I am starting to think that Blueberry thinks that he might be the Alpha Cat and he owns the house, but I just want it to stop! I tried getting them real close together, but they squirmed out of my arms and hissed, growled, gnawed, whatever they could possibly do to get away from each other!

Pancake is the sweetest cat in the house in this situation. She is shy, loving, sweet, kind, and always calm! Blueberry is normally quite shy, loving and affectionate and purrs like a motor boat! But now with him, everything has turned upside down! Can you guys please help me out!?

Reply from Liz (editor): Yes, I think I can. This is one of the most common cat problems owners face when they introduce a new cat into the household. The situation may seem bad now, but I'm sure it will improve, it just needs time.

When a new adult cat is introduced into a house that already has adult cats, they have to establish a pecking order. This is especially true with male cats, so it doesn't surprise me that Blueberry, your male cat, is reacting more strongly than Pancake, the female. He's probably partly doing it as he feels a need to protect Pancake.

It's impossible to say at the start which of these two boys will end up being the Alpha male - one of them will, but us mere mortals have no way of knowing how they'll decide.

In the meantime, as unpleasant as it is, you have to just let them go through the process. Whilst they are doing this, they will hiss at each other and they may even fight a bit (though the fighting shouldn't get too out of hand if they're both neutered).

They need to go through this process in their own time. Trying to make them do it faster - for example by holding them close together - may well make things worse.

I understand you want everything to be fine as soon as possible, and I know it's horrible seeing them all upset - but I'm absolutely sure they will all learn to live happily together once they've been given the time they need to adjust. This may happen quite quickly, or may take several weeks, but these cat problems you're having are, fortunately, transient.

Thank you for the lovely photo of Pancake and Blueberry.

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