My Kitten Does Not Use Her Litter Tray At Night

My 10 week old kitten is very clean during the day, but at night she has been urinating on my bed. Her litter tray is always available, why is she doing this?

Reply from Liz (Editor): Without knowing more details of the circumstances, I can't say for sure why she's displaying this cat behavior. But possible reasons are:

1. Cat urinary tract infection. Hopefully this isn't the reason if she's only doing it at night, but I think it's worth making sure, as if this is left untreated it can become serious, especially in a little kitten.

2. Litter tray too dirty for her liking. Is her litter tray cleaned out before you go to bed? Some cats won't use a litter tray even if it only has one pee in it. If yours is one of these, you may have to increase the number of times you clean it.

3. Litter tray too far away. Is her litter tray a long distance from your bedroom? If it is, it may be that she won't go to it, especially at night when she's maybe more scared and not sure of the way.

4. Anxiety. It may be that she's more scared at night when it's quiet and this is a nervous reaction. A Feliway diffuser may help to resolve this.

If the reason she's doing this isn't due to a medical problem such as a urinary tract infection, and isn't due to something like the distance away of her tray, it may be a good idea for a week to shut her in a small room (e.g. the laundry room or bathroom) with her litter tray and her bed. This should encourage her to start using her tray at night, and once she's trained, hopefully this cat behavior problem will disappear.

Best of luck and thank you for your questio.

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