My Neighbour's Cat Wakes Me Up at 04:30 Every Morning by Meowing

by Laura

Good Morning,

I am looking for some advice. For the last month I have had sleepless nights and early morning wake up calls (some days as early as 04:30 hrs on a Sunday) by my neighbour’s cat constantly meowing. Unfortunately I cannot sleep without the window open and every morning since we moved in their cat has been waking us up.

The problem that we have at the moment is that the owner of the cat is our landlord’s sister and family. It appears they let the cat out and don’t let it back in until the morning which on a Saturday prevents us from actually sleeping in as it will sit for hours meowing. It has got to the point now where I need to say something as I am not sleeping because of this cat. I have thought about saying something to them but don’t want to cause a problem as she is out landlord’s sister; however I am at the point of wanting to strangle this cat (I would never hurt any animal but I am being driven mad).

I don’t really know what if anything to say to them about it as we don’t really know them too well, I have also thought about a note through their door, but don’t want them to know it was me who sent it and put our tenancy in jeopardy. For the last month I have kept track of every time and day I have been woken by this cat and it is seems to be between 05:00 and 06:30 am!!

Any advice you could offer would really help.

Reply from Liz (Editor): You have my sympathy here, and I appreciate why it's awkward to say anything.

I'm not sure where your house is in relation to the neighbour's - is it literally next door? Depending on the layout of the houses and the gardens, there may be a few things you can do to discourage the cat from meowing quite so close to your bedroom window. The link below takes you to a page that gives advice on this - the page talks about spraying cats but the principles still apply:

How to Stop a Cat Spraying in Your Garden

Another tactic is to get a water pistol (or an empty, washed out washing up liquid bottle), fill it ready with water and from your window give the cat a short sharp blast when he starts meowing. This won't hurt him but will hopefully give him a fright, and if you do it a few times, whenever he starts, he'll associate the meowing with the water. This could just be enough to make him stop.

Best of luck - I hope you get this sorted soon.

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