Names for Kittens - Bear-Bear

by Catlover-Jess

eatting a cat treat

eatting a cat treat

eatting a cat treat waiting for the treat

Bear-Bear originaly belonged to my mom's work friend, who had named him Little Bear. But he had to go on a trip to New York and couldn't take him along. So he left him with us, because I already had bear-bear's brother from the same litter (my mom and him had both gone to get a kitten at the same time.)

He was the only cat of his house and didn't get along well at first. He only growled and hissed. But then he grew to love our little family (1 dog, 2 older cats, 1 kitten, fish, and a hamster).

When my mom told her friend how he went from a rude mean cat that bit anyone who tried to touch him to a very loving cat, he felt we should keep him cause he would only get depressed if he went back to a life of being the only cat in the house.

When I realized that all his hissing and bitting was just a way to get attention I spent some one-on-one time with him and his attitude changed. I started to call him Bear-Bear (which he liked) and really get friendly with the other animals and even started playing with his brother.

He is around 4 years old now and still gets all cuddly when you call his name. ^_^

Reply from Liz (Editor) Thak you very much for the great story and fab photos of Bear-Bear. There are loads of cats who seem to be aggressive, angry at everyone etc. etc. and all they need is the right sort of attention to turn them into really loving, affectionate pets. You've clearly done this and it's great to hear about - Bear-Bear is very lucky to have you as his owner.

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