Names for Kittens - Misha

by p
(Amber, OK. U.S.A.)

Misha was my long haired Manx Linx cat (she passed away about 3 years ago now). She looked like a long haired Siamese cat with the most beautiful big blue eyes and only a nub for a tail. I got her from a couple that lived somewhere in the hills of California.

I'm really not sure how she got her name...just wanted one that was as unusual, like her.

Both my children grew up with her. They would put her in the toy baby stroller and lay her on her back as a kitten an she didn't mind. Occasionally you could see her sleeping next to my youngest child in her portable crib.

Her favorite water came from the aquarium, she'd jump on the top of the couch and put her front paws on the lid and lap the water up. The fish would come up to her little lips and they looked like they were kissing her.

She was the most wonderful cat one could have. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. She was just as sweet on the inside.

I had her for 17 years. She now is at rest with her other (animal) siblings on our 10 acres over the Rainbow Bridge. She's probably there eating her kitty faced food that she loved so much.

I often wished I could remember where exactly I got her... maybe I could find another sibling of hers... guess there will never be another Misha though.

Reply from Liz (Editor): Thank you so much for your contribution - Misha is a lovely name and she was obviously absolutely gorgeous in both looks and personality. She sounds like she was a real little character.

It's so hard when a pet passes on - there's not a day goes by when I don't think of my previous cats and wish I still had them here. I just take comfort in remembering all the good things about them, and am happy that I gave them a happy life.

Thanks again for writing in about Misha, I really enjoyed reading about her and I'm sure many other people will too.

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