Names for Kittens - Tigger And Pooh

I got two male cats and they are both orange tabby cats. I thought Pooh was a girl at first and I named him Lulu originally lol!

I found out that he was a boy the next day. By that time my sister had already named the other one Tigger, so I changed Lulu's name to Pooh. They are my babies and I love them!

I also have a female Rottweiler. Her name is Roxie. Her and the cats love to groom each other - I catch the dog sometimes licking her paw and putting it up to her face lol. The cats rub up against her - it's amazing how they get along. Funny thing about it is that she doesn't like other cats by the house but she lets our cats even eat with her!

Reply from Liz (Editor): Tigger and Pooh are fantastic names - and great for orange cats - the original Tigger and Pooh are both pretty orange too!

Making a mistake with the gender of kittens is quite common... at least you realized quickly before he'd learned the name Lulu!

It's great that they get on so well with your dog - bet they all look funny eating together :-)

Many thanks for your contribution.

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