Names For Kittens.
Tips And Ideas For The Best Cat Names!

There are so many names for kittens and names for cats to choose from!

When you get a new kitten or cat, the sooner you can name her, the better. The earlier

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she starts hearing her name, the sooner she'll remember and learn it.

Once she knows her name, training her on everything else will be considerably easier.

I appreciate some people prefer to wait and see what their new furball's personality is like before they name her; this is fine, as long as it's a few days rather than weeks.

So, no pressure then... How on earth do you pick the best one? Click on the text links below for loads of suggestions and practical advice.

Ideas for Kitten Names and Cat Names

Cute Kitten Names A - Z

Female Kitten Names A - M

Girl Kitten Names N - Z

Male Kitten Names A - M

Boy Kitten Names N - Z

Some kitten and cat names are much better than others in the practical sense. Click on the link below for advice on the types of names that are good, and the types that should definitely be avoided!

Names for Cats and Kittens - How to Choose a Great Name!

A kitten's name is obviously no use to her whatsoever unless she knows it! Fortunately it's quite easy to get her to learn it...

Training a Kitten to Learn her Name

And finally...

Kitten Care
Loads of easy to follow, practical advice on raising and caring for your kitten.

Best of luck!

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Did YOU give your kitten or cat a cute, cool or clever name? Please tell us their name and how you came up with it... it could be just the inspiration someone else is looking for!

And, of course, it will make your cat an Internet celebrity!

Names For Kittens And Cats That
Other Visitors Have Sent In

Click on the links below for the stories behind the cat and kitten names that other people have shared - all written by visitors to this site!

Names for Kittens Ideas 
When trying to think of names for kittens, on the first day we got ours he was running round everywhere and was really fast... we called him Speedy! …

Names for Kittens - Tigger And Pooh 
I got two male cats and they are both orange tabby cats. I thought Pooh was a girl at first and I named him Lulu originally lol! I found out that …

Names for Kittens - Pepper 
It was easy! She's a torbie, and her coloring looks like litter peppercorns. Reply from Liz (Editor): That's a great name. One of my previous …

Gatsby, Roxy, and Splenda 
I adopted three orphaned kittens (two girls and a boy) which were abandoned on my farm. I named the boy Gatsby, as in The Great (he was solid black with …

Chimi & Churri 
I have two cats. They are from the same litter. One female and one male. They are inseparable. The male is called Chimi and the female is called Churri. …

I had a short list of names for kittens and I wouldn't let my friends leave my dinner party til one of the names stuck... There was Scooter, Leroy, …

When Hafez came to me as a kitten, I already had a male cat named Mustapha. I had named Mustapha after a guide that I had had while living in Morocco. …

My cat was found by a friend of mine, he was a tiny little kitty and we decided to keep him because he had been abandoned and it would have made us too …

My family and I are not creative when it comes to naming our pets so we named our kitten Kitty Cat. We then abbreviated it to K.C. Later, during her …

Edwina Precious 
My sister and I got this cat when she was a small kitten...she is not so small anymore! My sister wanted to name her Precious, because as you can …

This lovely Himalayan cat that I got from an animal shelter a few months ago had originally had the name of "Baby". The moment I laid eyes on her she …

Der Squirtzdrameaner (aka Squirty) 
Squirty was brought to us by her mother, who lived outside and knew we had indoor cats. We know she only wanted the best for her baby and waited one day …

We went on holiday to Scotland 2 years ago and drove up to Loch Ness, which we'd always wanted to visit. We loved it there, it was really beautiful. …

Some Great Names for Kittens 
My cat's brown tortioseshell markings reminded me of my favourite curry dish, chicken masala. So i named her Masala. It also fits her spicy personality! …

Cleo and Kaiser 
We were giving our cats 'royal' names. Cleo is for Cleopatra. We named our boy Kaiser, which is German for king or emperor.

Names for Kittens - Bear-Bear Not rated yet
Bear-Bear originaly belonged to my mom's work friend, who had named him Little Bear. But he had to go on a trip to New York and couldn't take him along. …

Names for Kittens - Misha Not rated yet
Misha was my long haired Manx Linx cat (she passed away about 3 years ago now). She looked like a long haired Siamese cat with the most beautiful big …

Cool Names for Kittens Not rated yet
I did a book report on Eleanor Rooselvelt in the second grade. I liked the name and thought it would be ideal for my kitten. Reply from Liz (Editor): …

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