New Cats Driven Visitor Cat Away

by Cindy
(Essex, UK)



Our cat problems started when we adopted two new cats.

For about 3 years, a male cat, around 4 yrs old, who belongs to a neighbor, has been treating our house like his home, staying overnight, behaving like he lives here and we are very fond of him (the neighbor doesn't mind sharing him!)

Last week we adopted two 10yr old female cats, one of which has become very dominant and has chased our visitor cat away. She also chases any other cats out of the garden. She is lovely with humans and very interactive. The other female is quiet and shy.

Will it ever be possible to attract our visitor cat back again as we miss him? All 3 cats have been neutered/spayed.

There are no dogs in the house, just a gerbil and a snake.

Reply from Liz (Editor): Hopefully with a bit of time it should be possible to attract the male cat back.

The females are settling in, and the one as you rightly say is trying to assert her authority in her new territory and make sure that everyone knows it's hers! Hopefully, as she becomes more settled and secure, her enthusiasm for chasing all other cats away should subside; it's only usually un-neutered male cats that go really over the top with territory protection on a long term basis.

To solve these cat problems I'd suggest bringing the male cat into the house and introducing him to the females as if he was a permanent resident in your house. Try bringing him into one room with you and shut the door so the females (or at least the aggressive female) can't get in. She'll know he's in there, and it may drive her daft at first, but she'll start to get used to his smell. You'll probably have to do this a few times. You can then start to let the female into the room - I'd suggest waiting until she's hungry (delay her dinner for an hour or two) and have it ready for her to eat when she comes in. This will distract her from chasing the male cat and will get them more used to each other. When she's good and doesn't chase him or hiss at him, praise her and give her a treat.

It will take a bit of time to solve this, but it should be possible. Best of luck and many thanks for the lovely photo - what a beautiful cat!

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