One cat's Confusing Behavior Towards Other Cats

by Andy

We have a question about our 3 year old rescue cat that we were told didn't get on with the other cats in his previous home and therefore was rehomed.

We have been woken up quite a few times in the middle of the night when other cats have tried to come into the house (through a locked cat flap) and Abe has gone mad - presumably defending his territory.

The confusing part is that we have noticed one particular cat is spending more and more time in our garden and I came down this morning to find it in the house - along with our cat. No fighting, no noise, nothing! The 'stranger' cat was obviously scared and we let it out (we had left cat flap on 'entrance only' so it couldn't get out itself). Within 15 minutes it had returned to sit at our back door with our cat.

They sit a couple of meters apart, Abe sometimes growls but other than that they never show aggression towards each other and rarely make eye contact. We believe the stranger cat is a male as well & Abe has been castrated.

Could it be that he has simply made a friend? Or is the other cat showing its dominance over our cat?

Reply from Liz (Editor): From what you've said, it sounds as though they may have decided to be pals. It doesn't sound like the other cat is showing dominant cat behavior, or at least not to the extent that it would be a problem - if it was I'd expect much more aggression and posturing body language than you've described.

It's possible they've gone through the aggression phase when you haven't actually seen them do it. Are they wary of each other when they're sat close together - i.e. slow, deliberate movements - or do they seem at ease? Is your cat happy in himself - i.e. has he not shown any signs of stress (peeing / spraying in the house can occur if a cat is being bullied by another one and feels like his territory is under threat).

If your cat is happy and they seem at ease with one another, I would guess they've decided they like each other! This sometimes does happen - I worked in a cat rescue center for a long time, and we had open runs where we'd put several cats together. Sometimes, two cats that were complete strangers would become best of pals and we'd end up homing them together.

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