Pictures of cats - Bubu

by Jose
(Leander, Tx, US)



My cat Bubu has been in the family for about 5 years now. In the picture Bubu is at the back of the house where there is a small stream, you would think she would want to stay away from the water but she loves it. She is an indoor and outdoor cat, and although I have tried to keep her indoors she just loves to explore the outdoors so much that I can't!

Bubu is a beautiful white cat with blue eyes, but because she loves to go outside her coat will often end up with different marks of mud and other stuff everywhere!

I like to go for walks around my neighborhood often and one time I noticed a cat hiding in the bushes, well it was Bubu, she had followed me hiding the whole way! She likes to do that every time I go out to walk now, I'll pretend like I don't know she is there, and she will be right behind me!

One weird thing about Bubu is that she comes to me when I whistle out to her. It doesn't matter where she is, when I go out there and whistle she will come from wherever she is to greet me. She also likes to do her business outside instead of a litter box but still I keep one inside that she uses occasionally when she is too lazy to go out, usually when it's cold!

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