Pictures of Cats - Our Cat has become Friendly and Playful

by Danielle Geist
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Catt attacking a puff ball!

Catt attacking a puff ball!

This is a picture of my beloved cat, Catt Damon. This little kitty was originally a feral kitten collected from my parents' farm. Growing up on a farm, it was quite common for people to drop off cats or strays to live in our barn. This little cutie had been the kitten of a stray who came along.

My family gets concerned when there are a lot of feral cats around as they tend to get hurt, hit by cars, or starve. Also, we like to get them neutered and get their initial shots so as to help protect our barn cats.

Well, our cat was one of those strays we were trying to save. We caught a few of the kittens and took them to the vet. Since I had been wanting a kitten, I decided to adopt this one and move him in with me. He was so scared and bit a lot in the beginning. We kept him in his own little pen with lots of things to hide behind for the first 2 weeks, but we also spent a lot of time with him to get him used to us. Eventually we took the one side off the pen and let him investigate his new home.

This picture is him playing with the assortment of toys we had strewn about the living room floor to entice him out. He liked hiding behind the books, playing with string, and of course, the puff balls. Now he is very friendly and personable. I feel much better knowing he was rescued!

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