Pictures of Cats - Outspoken Nora

by Jennifer

Noisy Little Nora!

Noisy Little Nora!

My little gray and white cat Nora is very opinionated! I don’t know what she was trying to tell me when I took this picture, but she had been meowing very loudly, which she does a lot. The farther away I am, the louder she becomes, and her cat voice really carries!

Ever since she wandered up to my back porch three years ago at the age of approximately twelve weeks, Nora has been yowling and mewing at me. Sometimes she is trying to follow me into the garage (where she knows she's not allowed), or letting me know first thing in the morning that she’s hungry for breakfast, but many times her apparently urgent message is a mystery to me.

My friends and family all know about Nora’s talkativeness, and it’s not unusual for them to be speaking to me by phone and think she's sitting right next to me, when in actuality she is upstairs and far from the phone. I have never known a cat with a louder meow than my little Nora, but it is pretty amusing. I always know where she is in the house, unless she's sleeping, in which case she's resting her operatic voice!

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