Pictures of Cats - Sleepin Like a Babe

by Mj Damasco

Am sleepin here buddy!  Stop takin pictures!

Am sleepin here buddy! Stop takin pictures!

I was actually in a hurry to catch my ride for school, but I saw my cat in the porch sleeping like he's got no care in the world. And I thought, heck! I gotta take this picture first. And here it is!

His name is Tiger, well, for the color and stripes on his sides. He was given to me 8 months ago by my friend coz she can't handle more cats in her dorm. So I took him and we've been together since. It's kind of comforting to have a pet especially when you're living alone in a dorm like me. It's nice that someone's waiting for you to come home.

He doesn't use the litter box inside the bathroom unless the light is left on, and the door is open LOL. He loves it when I scratch the back of his ears and his tummy too. But sometimes, for no apparent reason he catches my hand and bites me. Not so deep, but deep enough!

I really love my cat. He is one of a kind.

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