Problems With Pregnant Cat

by Calzboo

My 10 month old cat is pregnant, we have worked out that she is nearly 9 weeks pregnant. This evening she has started cleaning herself thoroughly and panting. She also had a bit of discharge. We thought this was it and she was going to give birth but now it seems to have stopped.

Is this normal?

Reply from Liz (Editor): The average cat gestation period is about 65 days, though it can be anywhere from about 57 to 70 days.

Your cat sounds like she's very close to giving birth, both by her behavior and the time period. It's common for cats to breathe quite heavily and also purr. Some fluid and blood appearing are also normal.

You may have also noticed a few days before that she's been quite restless - cats that are quite close to giving birth will look round for a suitable place to do it. You may also have noticed milk production from her nipples.

From what you've said, it wouldn't surprise me if she starts contractions properly very soon and then does start to give birth. In the meantime, if she seems happy in herself and not in pain, all is probably well. But if she looks distressed, or if she has strong contractions for more than a couple of hours without giving birth to her first kitten, you should call the vet.

Best of luck!

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