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You can search this site using the Google search box below. This is really useful if you're in a hurry or want specific information but don't know where to look for it.

How does it work?

Say, for example, you want some information and advice on names for kittens. If you type "names for kittens" (without the " marks) into the search box then hit the Search button beside it, a results page will appear that contains all the relevant pages on the site relating to names for kittens.

It's that easy!

You'll note at the top of the search results page there are some ads by Google. These aren't part of the search results, but they are on related topics, so some may hopefully be of interest to you. The search results start immediately below these ads.

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Useful Tips to Search This Site Successfully

The trick to successful searching is using phrases that are general enough to make sure you get a decent amount of pages returned by the search, but which are not so general that the search results list nearly every page on the website. Here's an example:

Let's say I'm a visitor whose cat meows all night unless I let him in the bedroom and I want advice on how to stop this behavior.

If I was to type "cat is meowing all night because I won't let him in the bedroom and it's driving me nuts how do I stop it" into the search box, I'd get a small number of returns, probably most of which would be relevant. However, this search term is so specific that it may miss some pages that do have relevant information on them.

At the other extreme, if I was to type "cat" into the box, the search would return practically every page on the website and would be useless (I'm using extreme examples here but hopefully they demonstrate the point).

The best search is in the middle ground between the two above - e.g. "cat meowing" or "cat meowing excessively." If I was to type in "cat meowing at night" for example I may miss some pages that are offering advice on how to stop a cat meowing excessively because those pages don't mention the word "night" anywhere on them.

Hope that helps when you search this site - happy hunting!

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