Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Self cleaning cat litter boxes are becoming more popular. Apart from the obvious unpleasantries associated with manually cleaning a feline latrine out, many people with limited time find it a chore they could well do without...

If you don't know much about automatic cat litter box types and features, click here for their advantages and disadvantages, and for tips on deciding which type to buy.

Types of Automatic Litter Box

There are essentially 3 types:

1. Semi Self Cleaning (e.g. Omega Paw Roll'n Clean)

omega paw roll'n clean litter box

This is the most basic type of self cleaning box (but also the cheapest by a long way!) You need to use clumping cat litter.

After Kitty has done his business, you literally just roll the whole box over. This deposits the clumped litter and any other solid lumps (i.e. poop!) into a built-in receptacle which you then remove and empty.

You never come into direct contact with the soiled litter and you don't need scoops or liners.

Here's a video showing how it works:

The manufacturers admit that the litter won't clump very well if a cat has diarrhea. Therefore, if your kitty is prone to loose stools this product probably isn't the best solution for you.

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Self Cleaning (e.g. Litter Robot, Littermaid)

litter robot

These self cleaning cat litter boxes work by an automated arm raking through the litter after Kitty has done his business.

Anything solid (i.e. poop and wet clumps) is removed and deposited into a waste receptacle, and the litter is replenished.

All you have to do is remove the ready-collected waste.

Some of these types of self-cleaning cat litter boxes have bags to line the waste receptacle with - ready to lift straight out and deposit in the bin.

I think the Litter Robot (pictured here) is the weirdest looking contraption, but many reviews on it are very good. A lot of people who have these swear by them and say they'd never use anything else again.

Here's a video:

The Litter Robot can't be bought through Amazon in the UK, but here's a direct link to their website where you can purchase it from. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee (less shipping).

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3. Self Washing and Flushing (e.g. CatGenie 120)

Cat Genie 120

OK, now we're on to the ultimate in feline latrine luxury...

This model is plumbed in (you may need a plumber to install it if your DIY skills aren't too hot).

It separates Kitty's waste from the litter before flushing it away into the sewage system (just like a human toilet!)

It comes with re-usable granules which are washed, deodorized, cleaned and dried between uses.

After it's installed, other than changing a sanitizing cartridge once every few months, there's literally nothing else to do.

When I win the lottery, one or maybe two of these self cleaning cat litter boxes will be very high up on my shopping list :-)

Here's a video:

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