Settling in New Cat and Two Kittens

Two Kittens

Two Kittens

My cat problems are due to the fact I've just adopted a cat with her two kittens from my sister. The cat just appeared at my sister's home, my sister started to feed her and she stayed there. After three days she brought two kittens with her! Then my sister asked me if I was interested in adopting them all. I love animals but I've never had a pet before.

I have a three problems. First, they sleep all day and at night they stay awake.

Second, the adult cat is friendly but both the kittens are not, they will only come near me when they need to eat. I've tried to touch them lots of times but they move away from me. I just want to hold them and play with them, how can I do this?

Third, they spend the whole day under a cupboard where I can't reach them. I've made a small home for them all, putting a sleeping basket and toys in there, but neither the cat or the kittens like to sit in there.

Please give some advice on what I can do to solve these problems. Thanks.

Reply from Liz (Editor): First, hats off to you for agreeing to adopt these three kitties, you've made a brave decision and I'm sure, with a bit of work and persistence, you can solve these cat problems and have three lovely, very grateful pets.

For some general advice, the page on my website on kitten care gives lots of information on looking after kittens.

But let's look at your specific problems. I'm going to do this in reverse order to the order you wrote them down in for reasons that will become obvious:

1. They are hiding somewhere where you can't get to them. If there's any way to block this area off - even if it means shutting them out of that room - you should do it, because...

2. The kittens aren't friendly. The kittens, I suspect, have had very little human contact and they really need to get used to people as soon as possible, otherwise it will get more and more difficult to tame them.

This page on my site - taming a feral kitten - will give you some good ideas on how to go about this, especially stroking them when they are eating.

It would be ideal if you could spend time with the cat and kittens in a small room where the kittens have nowhere they can hide. Play with the cat and give her lots of fuss; the kittens will then see that their mother isn't scared of you and will be more likely to start to trust you.

3. They are awake all night. This is relatively easy to solve - you just need to switch their sleeping pattern. If you do what I suggested in 2 above - spend time during the day with them in a small room and play with them (a lot - get them really running round!) this will keep them awake in daytime so they will then sleep at night.

Putting some dried catnip in the bed you've made for them will hopefully encourage Mum to use it, and then the kittens will very likely follow her. Having said that, my cats sleep anywhere other than the beds I buy for them so I can't guarantee this!

Best of luck in solving these cat problems, and best of luck to you as a new cat owner.

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