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Sometimes when I've tried to shop for cat supplies or cat gifts I've been faced with a massive selection of products and suppliers that's left me goggle eyed and totally confused. Sound familiar?

I've developed this cat store to give you a great selection of quality cat essentials to help you narrow down the choice and hopefully make your decision of what to purchase a bit easier.

All the products in this shop for cat supplies are from Amazon. Wherever I've been able, I have picked bestsellers from Amazon and / or products that have good overall customer reviews.

I have chosen to use Amazon as they are worldwide, well-known, reliable and very easy to order from through their secure system.

Enjoy :-)

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Cat Litter Boxes
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Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Find the Best Cat Litter Box

The choice of cat litter boxes can be overwhelming. This page provides some useful tips on selecting the best litter box for your cat. The store features a variety of styles to suit different requirements and budgets - including the popular Booda Cleanstep - all available to order through the Amazon secure payment system.

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

I've dedicated a page to self cleaning cat litter boxes, as they're quite different to traditional ones. I've featured items that are bestsellers and that have good customer reviews overall.

The page also explains the different types of self cleaning litter box, the advantages and disadvantages and useful tips for anybody thinking of buying one.

Cat Trees / Condos

A good cat tree is very important for house cats especially, as it gives them the opportunity to climb, scratch and jump (without getting told off!)

When selecting a cat condo or cat tree, you're better to pick one that's long-lasting, sturdy and stable (a cat tree crashing to the floor when Kitty jumps on it isn't good news!)

This store features products that have got good customer reviews (where available), and they've been sorted by price category so you can find what you want more quickly.

Alternatively, click here if you'd like to build your own cat tree.

Buy Cat Toys

A decent selection of stimulating cat toys is essential to Kitty's well-being. However the choice of cat toys can be overwhelming.

I've featured a manageable number of products on this page, all of which have got good overall customer reviews. I've also split them into popular categories so it's easy to find your way through and make a selection.

Cat Lover Gifts

This store features some unusual, cute, clever, novel and practical cat gifts - hopefully you'll find something you like in this specially created shop for cat lovers!

Cat Supplies

This store features Amazon's best selling cat products right across the whole range available, so if you fancy a leisurely browse, this is the place for you!

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