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Aggressive Cat Behavior - Overview of the Most Common Reasons
Aggressive Cats that Fear Humans
Aggressive Male Cat Behavior
Angry Cat Behavior During Play
Cat Aggression During Petting
Cat Bites
Cat Scratches and Cat Scratch Disease
Dominance Driven Angry Cats
Maternal Cat Aggressive Behavior


Cat Anatomy - Overview
Aging Cats
Cat Eyes
Cat Gestation Period
Cat Life Expectancy
Cat Pregnancy Signs
Cat Whiskers
Cat Years to Human Years Converter
Why are Calico Cats Female?

Ask a Vet

Ask a Vet Online - Expert, Quick, Affordable Advice


Cat Behavior Basics and Your Cat Questions
Cat Behavior Facts
Cat Body Language
Cat Heat Behavior
Cat Probems
Feliway Diffuser
How to Deal with a Stressed Out Cat
Why Do Cats Eat Grass?
Why Do Cats Hiss?
Why Do Cats Knead?
Why Do Cats Meow?
Why Do Cats Purr?


Kitty News - The Cat Behavior Blog


Overview of Different Cat Breeds
Overview of (Almost) Non Shedding Cat Breeds
Abyssinian Cats
American Shorthair Cat
Bengal Cat
Black Cats
British Blue Cat
Character Traits of Ragdoll Cats
Cornish Rex Cat
Devon Rex Cat
Himalayan Cat
Maine Coon Cat
Manx Cat
Munchkin Cats
Norwegian Forest Cat
Persian Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Russian Blue Cat
Scottish Fold Cat
Siamese Cats
Sphynx Cat


Cat Care - Overview
Cat Carriers - Pros and Cons of the Different Types
Christmas Cat Hazards
Elderly Cat Care
Elderly Cat Health Problems
House Cats - Caring for and Entertaining your Indoor Cat
How to Clean Cat Ears
How to Clip Cat Claws
How to Give your Cat Medicine and Tablets
Kitten Adoption versus Adult Cat Adoption
Microchipping Pets - Pros and Cons
Names for Cats - How to Choose a Good Name
Pet Death - Some Suggestions for Coping with the Loss of your Cat
Rainbow Bridge Poem
Traveling with Cats by Car - Tips and Tricks


What is Catnip - Overview
Catnip Extract Uses
Catnip Plant Uses
Cats on Catnip Video Clips
Effects of Catnip on Cats
How to Grow Catnip
When to Harvest Catnip

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Contact Me


Kitty Chat - The Cat Behavior Explained Ezine

Health Problems

Cat Health Problems - Overview of Symptoms and Signs of Cat Illnesses
Cat Constipation
Cat Dehydration
Cat Dental Health
Cat Diarrhea
Cat Vomiting
Feline Anemia
Feline Bad Breath
Feline Depression
Feline Incontinence
Feline Sneezing


Cat Illnesses - Overview
Acute Cat Renal Failure
Cat Bladder Stones
Cat Blindness
Cat Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Cat Diabetes
Cat Distemper
Cat Ear Mites and Other Cat Ear Problems
Cat Enteritis
Cat Eye Problems
Cat Flea Treatment Methods
Cat Fleas
Cat Flu
Cat Hairballs
Cat Hair Loss
Cat Leukemia
Cat Skin Problems
Cat Urine Problems Overview
Cat Urinary Tract Infection
Cat Worms
Chronic Cat Kidney Failure
Feline Allergies
Feline Diabetes Symptoms
Feline Distemper Symptoms
Feline Leukemia Symptoms
Feline Leukemia Test
Feline Leukemia Treatment
Feline Leukemia Vaccine
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Health Insurance for Your Cat
Kitten Fleas


Kitten Care - Overview
Boy Kitten Names N - Z
Cute Kitten Names A - Z
Feeding Kittens
Kitten Development
Female Kitten Names A - M
Girl Kitten Names N - Z
How to Choose a Kitten
Introducing a New Kitten
Kitten Fleas
Kitten Gender - How to Tell the boys from the Girls!
Male Kitten Names
Names For Kittens - Do's and Don'ts
Raising Kittens - Practical Advice
Taking Care of Kittens - How to Make Your Home Safe
Taming a Feral Kitten
Training a Kitten to Learn Its Name


Cat Sounds OverviewCat Hissing
How do Cats Purr?
Stop Excessive Cat Meowing
Unusual Cat Language
Why Won't My Cat Meow?

Litter Box Problems

Common Reasons for Litter Box Problems - an Overview
Are Kitty's Cat Litter Boxes in a Bad Location?
Cat Urine Cleaning Products
Have You Found the Best Cat Litter for Your Kitty?
How to Clean Cat Urine
Is Another Cat Spraying in Your Garden?
Is Kitty's Box the Best Litter Box Size, Shape or Design?
Is the Cat Litter Odor Putting Him Off?
Is Your Cat Spraying?
More Reasons Why Kitty May Snub His Cat Litter Box
Potty Training Your Cat
Self cleaning litter boxes
Stop Cat Peeing eBook

Pictures Of Cats

Pictures Of Cats - Overview
Cats Funny Pictures
Funny Cats - More Pictures
Funny Kitten Pictures
How to Draw a Cat
Pictures of Kittens


Preventing Cat Scratching Overview
Cat Scratching Post Advice
Cat Toys Advice
Cat Toys - Ideas for Free Cat Toys
Declawing Cats


Shop for Cat Supplies
Best Cat Litter Box Shop
Booda Cleanstep Cat Litter Box
Build Your Own Cat Tree
Buy Cat Toys
Cat Lover Gifts
Cat Supplies
Cat Trees and Cat Condos
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

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Funny Cat Videos - Overview
Funny Cat Clips - Welcome to Mew Tube!
Funny Kitten Videos
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