The Sphynx Cat

Interested in the Sphynx cat? This page gives you the main facts about the breed including personality, looks and history.

sphynx cat lying dow

Before we get into details, here's a quick overview:

Personality: Very affectionate, playful, curious, intelligent

Suits: Families, singles, experienced cat owners

Other: Skin needs sponging almost daily, ears need regular cleaning, don't tolerate cold well so need to be kept in warm conditions

Breed Information

1) What are they like as pets?

They are very affectionate, sociable, love people and like to show off!

Because they are hairless, they need to be protected from heat loss, so need to be kept warm and can't be left outside for any length of time in the cold.

They love finding warm places to sleep - under the bed covers with you is a highly likely possibility!

They have a fast metabolism so they eat quite a lot despite their relatively small size. However they rarely overeat and aren't usually prone to excessive weight gain.

The Sphynx is a hardy breed, and has few inherited problems.

Although they have virtually no fur and are therefore considered to be a non-shedding breed, they can still invoke an allergic reaction in some people who are allergic to cats - so they may not always be the answer for people who are trying to find a cat that doesn't send them into a fit of sneezing.

They have virtually no hair so obviously don't need combing. However their skin secretes an oily substance, and to prevent this marking all your furniture it's wise to sponge your Sphynx cat down most days.

If you start doing this to them when they're little they will likely learn to really enjoy it.

sphynx cat sitting upright

2) Looks, build, colors and markings

These cats are sometimes called "feline aliens" because of their pointed faces, huge ears and wrinkled skin. They also have a bit of a pot belly.

They have virtually no hair, though they do have a very fine, soft downy layer. Some have a tiny amount of longer hair, and some also have whiskers and eyebrows.

If you think they must be horrible to touch, think again! The soft, downy, warm coat is really lovely to touch.

Adult males weigh around 8 - 10lbs, and females are a little smaller.

3) History

A lot of people assume the Sphynx must have originated in Ancient Egypt, but this isn't the case. The breed came about in 1966 in Canada.

A domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten which was then selectively bred. The most famous Sphynx cat of recent times has to be Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies.

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