The Cats with Thumbs Ad - The Best Cat Video Ever!!!

by Erin
(London, England)

Hi, my name is Erin, I live and work in the UK but am from the USA. I've noticed a lot of visitors to your website are American, and when I saw this ad on UK TV I thought I must post it to the site so your USA visitors could get to see it.

It is SO funny - I think it's the best ad starring cats I've ever seen. It also reminded me of one of my mom's cats - the long haired cat embroidering in the video is sitting on the chair in the exact same position that my mom's cat Bobby does. Since seeing this ad I keep imagining Bobby with thumbs sitting on the chair with TV remote in one paw and a glass of wine in the other and it makes me laugh even more!

I also keep thinking how much fun the people who make these ads and come up with the ideas must have - I am in the wrong job for sure!!

I hope everyone else who sees this video likes it as much as I do.

Reply from Liz (Editor): Hi Erin, many thanks for sending this cat video in. I agree with you it's absolutely first class, and I've been meaning to get it onto the website for a while now, so thank you very much, you've done it for me!

I really hope they do some follow-up ads along the same lines - it's been hugely popular here so hopefully they will.

Bertrum Thumbcat has got quite a following on Facebook and Twitter (Bertrum is the grey tabby cat that's owned by the guy in the advert - the one staring at him at the start and then sitting in the yard holding the ball).

Once again many thanks for submitting this. I'd love to know what other people think of it - especially visitors from outside the UK. Do you think it's funny or is the British sense of humor just odd?! Please send your comments in!!

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I agree, it's fantastic
by: Sarah

I nearly fell off my chair laughing the first time i saw this ad, i like the one filing it's nails the best :-)

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