The loves of my life

by Iris

Sooty lazing as normal!

Sooty lazing as normal!

Since my children grew up I had a real empty nest feeling.

I already had 3 cats, 3 of them I adopted from my children and one I have had for 19 years.

We all moved to Spain to warmer climes (I thought this would really benefit Sooty; the 19 year old) and one day wandering the local flea market we saw 3 diddy little kittens aged 3 weeks in a cage. There was a sign on the cage (in Spanish) saying if they could not get a home that day then they would be drowned like the rest of the litter!!

I was horrified so we took the kittens home got them checked out at the vets, got them treated and these are our new additions 6 months on.

They are lovely and the rest of our clan took to them easily ( well almost :0) )

The joy they have brought us is heartwarming.

Thank you for reading our story.

Sooty, Sox, Boots, Tini (has 3 legs) Poppit, Pokita and Buttons. xxx

photo of three legged cat in garden

Tini after her amputation

photo of lovely cat in tree

Tini now... the amputation has certainly not stopped her doing the things she loves

Just relaxing!

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