The Story of Katie

by Evgeni



This is Katie. She is 9 years old now. I found her back in 2001 near a grocery store in my town. She was injured badly with falling fur and pale, sad eyes. Without hesitation I took her home and took care of her.

Katie lived on the balcony for the first month and mostly spent time sleeping because she lost a lot of strength and health while she was on the streets. I gave her nutritious food and some vitamins so she could get back to good health.

After the first month Katie started to come inside the house. She was a very cautious and careful cat. She learned very fast to use her own toilet and she entered the house only if she was permitted to do so.

When Katie was 1.5 years old she got pregnant and gave birth to 4 kittens - 2 white, 1 black as charcoal and 1 gray. Unfortunately the gray kitten was born dead but the others were all OK. They lived happily together for awhile until I found the kittens new home.

Katie got sick so I had to take her to the pet's hospital. She was successfully operated on and came back to me healthy and in a very bad mood! Since than Katie can't get pregnant but she is happy and satisfied cat in all possible ways.

There is nothing she's not permitted to do! She likes very much to sit on the TV, tables and back of the sofa. She is a very curious cat and she likes to spend time outside walking around the yard or meowing at other cats.

Katie has become very spoiled! If there something that she wants she asks with loud meowing until she gets it.

I love Katie very much and sometimes I wonder what she would look like if she was a human.

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