Took in Stray Tabby Cat - Extreme Yowling Before Neutering and Almost as Bad Three Days After!

by Keith
(Denver, CO.)

What is the cause of this yowling cat behavior, before and almost as bad after the neutering?

There are two other cats in the house, a male and female. The male is neutered and about nine years old, the female is spayed and about twelve years old. The new young tabby chased her all over the house before the neutering and still does! She hisses a lot at him and hits out at him. The little tabby acts very confused and frustrated and has a terrible loud yowling!

Is this a temporary event and why is he still making so much noise and having so much anxiety?

Reply from Liz (Editor): I think there are a couple of causes for this cat behavior, but the good news is that it will, I'm sure, get better.

Before he was neutered, he had a load of testosterone racing round his body which was making him yowl and chase your female cat. It doesn't matter that she's been neutered, he still knows she's female!

After male cats have been neutered, it takes a couple of weeks before the testosterone levels in their blood drop off to levels that are low enough to suppress their sex drive. I'm pretty sure, in a week or two, you'll notice a significant improvement in this behavior.

You don't say how long you've had him, but the other reason for his yowling could be just due to the fact that he's anxious and still settling in. You could try a Feliway diffuser to try to calm him down, and catnip may also help. Lots of attentiopn and reassurance from you will help too - he may have had a pretty traumatic life while he was a stray and it may take a bit of time for him to get over it.

If he's just a naturally vocal kitty, this page on dealing with excesive cat meowing may help.

Good luck and thank you for your question.

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