by Sally
(Sheffield, UK)

We went on holiday to Scotland 2 years ago and drove up to Loch Ness, which we'd always wanted to visit. We loved it there, it was really beautiful. We never did get to see the Loch Ness Monster unfortunately but while we were there we came across a really thin and unhappy looking little black cat. We sneaked her into the strictly no pets guest house we were staying in and bought her some food - she was starving hungry.

We asked around locally as much as we could - vets, news agents etc. - but no one had reported her missing. We left our contact details in case someone wanted to claim her and took her home with us.

No one ever did claim he so now she's ours. She is wonderful - my husband wanted to call her Nessie because of the Loch Ness connection but I preferred Vanessa. She can be a little monster at times, especially when we're eating and she tries to pinch the food off our plates - but it's all part of her character and we love her!

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It was meant to be!
by: Liz (Editor)

What a great story! Little Vanessa really landed on her paws when she bumped into you.

I bet you had fun sneaking her in and out of the guest house! Nothing like going on holiday for a relaxing break, then finding a stray cat and having all the associated stress of looking after her, trying to find out if she had an owner and then bringing her home with you!

I'm so glad you found each other - clearly it was meant to be!

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