White Socks

by Andrea
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

White Socks

White Socks

Our cat’s name is White Socks. It was a few weeks before we named her. It was a few weeks after naming her that we decided she was definitely ours.

She showed up at the side door of our house in the country skinny as can be, very small, very young and screaming up a storm. She was starving, but still impeccably clean. I’ve never seen a stray cat stay so clean while also aggressively looking for a home.

She begged at the door for three days and my children fed her outside. My children then begged me to bring her inside so she would stop crying. She ate canned tuna while I denied that I would keep her and she meticulously cleaned her paws after every feeding!

I’ve seen a lot of cats out here in the country, and most of the white ones are a bit stained and off color in their nails and foot fur. This stray was so white she looked like a house cat with nothing better to do than clean herself. I started calling her Miss White Socks mockingly because she would sit up in the tree and clean her paws when the rain stirred up mud and got her dirty. There is a falcon nesting in the yard to our left and a wild ocelot whose territory crosses our lot, and this little half pound kitten was more worried about her toes being clean than anything else!

The name White Socks stuck and it describes her perfectly.

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