Why Does My Cat Bite My Legs When I Turn & Walk Away From Him?

by David
(South Australia)

My cat behavior question is about my male cat, Brandy. Sometimes when I give him a cuddle for a while and then put him down and walk away, he follows me and bites my legs!

When I give him a cuddle he purrs and loves the affection, but then he suddenly changes when I put him down and becomes aggressive. Does it mean that he wants more attention?

Reply from Liz (Editor):
It does sound to me as though he wants more attention. I think he's probably "annoyed" that you've stopped fussing him before he's ready and this is the way he shows it! If you give him more fuss does the biting stop immediately? If so, this behavior is almost certainly due to him just wanting more attention.

Ideally you should try to discourage this behavior. If he keeps doing it and realizes it gets him what he wants, he'll carry on, and the biting may get worse. To discourage him, when he does it, turn round and say "NO" to him very firmly. Don't pick him up or give him more attention at this point. Once he realizes that biting you won't get him more attention, he should stop.

Best of luck with this and thank you for your question.

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cat bites
by: marksurfs

Our cat did exactly the same. To stop this we said a firm "No" then put him outside for an hour or two (until we were ready to let him back in). This was repeated about 2 times then he stopped the biting after the fussing.

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