Why Does My Cat Bring Me My Bras?!

by Kimberley

My cat does something really weird and I would love to know why.....

Every now and then he will walk in dragging clothing (usually my bra) meowing (with it in his mouth!) Any idea why?!

Greetings, Kimberley

Reply from Liz (Editor): Hi Kimberley, thank you for your cat behavior question. I hope your cat doesn't do this when you have visitors LOL!!!

I think there are a few of potential reasons for this, and his behavior could be down to one or a combination of any / all of them.

The first is that it has your scent on it - quite strongly - as it's obviously close to your skin when you're wearing it. He loves you, likes the smell of you and therefore likes to pick it up and bring it to you - he may even think he's doing you a favor.

The second is that a lot of cats like toys on elastic, and he may recognize the elasticated bits and see it as a potential toy - i.e. he wants you to play with him using the bra as a toy.

The third is if it's hanging on a clothes dryer with the straps hanging down, the straps are too much of a temptation for him. He can't resist pulling it off the dryer, playing with it and hoping he can get you to join in!

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