Why Does My Cat Groom my Eldest Daughter's Hair?

by Vicky

My question is why my cat grooms my eldest daughter - and only her!

He was a rescue cat - he was only 5 weeks old when we had him according to the vet.

He was abandoned in a garden belonging to my daughter's boss along with another kitten, which was also re homed (but not with us).

There is myself, my husband, and another daughter but he only grooms my eldest daughter. She is the one who brought him home. He places his paw on her head and bites and licks her hair. Why does he do this, and why only to her?

Reply from Liz (Editor): When cats are born, they can't hear or see, so one of the the first things they experience (and remember) is their mother licking and washing them. They remember and recognize this as a sign of love and care.

As a knock-on effect of this, adult cats groom each other as a sign of affection and friendship.

Basically, your cat is grooming your daughter because he's showing affection towards her and acceptance of her as another cat (in his mind). He only feels this bond towards her because she's the one who brought him home - i.e. he's got a closer bond with her than anyone else.

He's telling her she's his best friend. How cool is that!!!

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My kitten sucks my ears!!!
by: Jess

This reminds me of my kitten, she also grooms my hair, and she sucks my ear lobes! I think it's hilarious, like she must think I have two teats sticking out the side of my head LOL!!!

One of my cats used to suck my ears too!
by: Liz (Editor)

One of my previous cats used to suck my ear lobes too! She started doing it as a little kitten when she did it loads, she gradually did it less as she grew up and stopped completely when she was about 2 years old. She would only do it to me :0)

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