Worried About Way Cat's Behaving After Warm Weather

by Grace
(Norfolk UK)

My 6yr old male cat has become a little lethargic and seems reluctant to go far from the house. This follows a recent bout of very warm weather. In all other respects he seems fine. He is washing, eating and is bright eyed and communicating with me. But I am concerned.

Reply from Liz (Editor) The weather has been really humid lately, and some animals don't cope very well with it.

If he goes back to normal when it cools down, this suggests that he just doesn't like the heat very much. But if it continues to be lethargc and out of sorts, it may be worth getting him checked by the vet just to make sure nothing is wrong.

In the hot weather, if you can, provide a cool, shaded area where he can escape from the heat when he's outside. If there isn't anywhere like this, it may be better to keep him inside on the really hot days if you're out and not able to let him back inside. And when he is outside, always provide a bowl of water (or two) for him - preferably in a shaded area where it will stay relatively cool.

Some cats seem to display masochistic cat behavior when it's hot - i.e. they'll be baking hot, almost panting and very uncomfortable, but will still insist on lounging in the sun for hours! If yours is like this, I'd recommend picking him up and putting him inside the house. It's better to just let him out for short periods if he insists on trying to cook himself!

Best of luck and thank you for your question.

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